Non Profit Organizations

Point! Click! Raise Funds!

Welcome to ClickPointz™, an online community where members engage in a variety of  activities to support non-profit organizations.

How it Works:

Using ClickPointz™ members can post their digital products and digital services on the portal. When a purchase is made, a percentage of the sale is donated to their favorite non-profit organization.

Directory Listing

Join the ClickPointz™ network today! Your directory listing includes a variety of features to create awareness, drive traffic to your website and help raise funds for your cause.

Program Features

Organization Profile

Post organization profile including logo, contact info and website link.

Job Board

Post your jobs on the Job Board. Search and view candidates on the Job Board.

Photo/Video Highlights

Upload your organization’s photos and youtube video to showcase accomplishments.


Link up with our vendors and raise funds when they sell their services on the portal.

Google Map

Interactive Google Map with step-by-step directions to your location.

Tracking & Reports

Back-office reporting tracks funds raised and generate reports in real-time.


Connect, share and follow others in a dedicated social giving community.


Back office admin track funds raised.

Membership Plans