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Execution of Purchase Orders


An IndyPL approved Purchase Order (created from the Oracle application) is a commitment made to the supplier for a Purchase. Purchase Orders include a detailed description of each Supply or Service to be purchased, cost of each item, along with the account to be charged and the IndyPL’s terms and conditions.

All operating expenditures require an approved Purchase Order for invoices to be paid, except for employee expense reports, petty cash reimbursement, courier services and utilities.

Execution and Utilization of IndyPL Contracts for Supplies and Services

With limited exceptions (as authorized by IndyPL’s Office of General Counsel), a Contract should be executed for purchases that are considered to be any of the following: recurring, critical to uninterrupted operations, high dollar expenditures, and/or a material risk of loss exists.  Contracts are preferred since these documents commit the parties to various terms, including, but not limited to, pricing for a specific length of time and other conditions favorable to IndyPL, as specified in the executed agreement.  Contract content and renewal options are dependent on what type of Supply or Service is being purchased.

The IndyPL’s Office of General Counsel must review and approve all Contracts or documents that bind the IndyPL prior to the execution of same by either party. Contracts and agreements provided by the supplier for IndyPL’s signature are not acceptable and must be rejected.  IndyPL contract templates are to be utilized and shall include certain provisions required by IndyPL’s Office of General Counsel.

After the department or the Procurement Department completes the appropriate Contract template, the Contract is then sent to IndyPL’s Office of General Counsel for its review and approval prior to submitting the Contract to the supplier for signature.  Furthermore, any recommended changes to the Contract by the supplier will be

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