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ClickPointz Group Sponsorship

This program provides a unique opportunity for you to support this initiavte by sponsoring this program for your organization.

  • Apartment Communities
  • Schools/Colleges
  • Businesses
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • B2B Clubs
  • Fraturnities/Sororities

Point! Click! Earn!

Engage online and earn valuable digital points.

Social Sharing

Connect with others in a unique social giving experience!

Charitable Giving

Help raise funds for an organization or charitable cause!

QR Code Engagements

Point, click, scan, and earn digital points!


Connect and engage in a unique pay-it-forward experience!

How It Works

How Points Are Earned:

Members earn digital points based on their activities in the community. Every time they visit, click, share, refer, shop, etc. they earn points.

How Points Are Used:

The points earned can be used to make a purchase, transferred to another member, or donated to a non-profit organization.


The dashboard allows members to manage their profile, track points, achievements, and rank.



Points Transfer allow members to transfer their points, achievements or ranks between themselves.



Members are awarded points when they refer visitors, sign up new members, or when a purchase is made.


Members can used digital points to shop at the Marketplace or at participating retailers.

Points Cards

Points Cards allow members to extract their points and use them at participating retail stores.


Members can recharge their points or unlock achievements or ranks by purchasing points with real money.

eMail Notifications

Members receive notification about new achievements, points awards, deductions, rank completion etc.

Social Sharing

Members earn points when they share content from the website on their social networks.



The leader board show tracking of active point earners, ranking and achievements in real-time.


Points Payouts feature allows members to withdrawal their points for money based on the conversion rate.


Reports generates data statistics on users’ points, their earned achievements, and their current rank.


Points earned can be transferred (Pay-It-Forward) to another member or organization.

ClickPointz Network

You can enjoy the benefits of this innovative program by joining the ClickPointz™ Network of sponsoring business partners.

Organization Profile

Create your business profile including logo, contact info and website link.

Photo Highlights

You can upload your favorite photos to showcase your business.

Video Highlight

You can upload your favorite YouTube videos to showcase your business.

Google Map

Interactive Google Map with step-by-step directions to your location.

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